Fire Department Training ProgramTraining is a vital component to fire department operations. Newly hired recruit firefighters at the Montebello Fire Department receive 280 hours of initial training and instruction by our training division prior to being assigned to a fire station. Training for all firefighters is a constant ongoing process in order to meet the requirements from OSHA, NFPA, Department of Health Services, and the needs of the community.

The Montebello Fire Department Training Division is comprised of one fire captain from each shift with their crew and they are responsible for developing training standards, training manuals, scheduling, and providing required training to the department. The Training Division is overseen by a Battalion Chief.

Montebello Fire Department personnel receive a minimum of 2 hours of training per day in order to meet the annual training requirement of 330 training hours per firefighter. The training is very well rounded and encompasses engine and truck company operations, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, rescue practices, wild land fire operations, and firefighter safety - rapid intervention. The Montebello Fire Department also participates in regular training with other local mutual aid departments for fires and other emergencies.

The Montebello Fire Department is currently in the process of developing a training facility at our city corporate yard located on Greenwood Ave. This facility is being constructed through the use of federal grants and is expected to be completed during the summer of 2008.

Fire Department Training Program

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