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Operation Stay Safe is a proposed joint project between the San Gabriel Valley Regional Housing Trust (SGVRHT), the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG), and the City of Montebello to develop a tiny home program to assist homeless individuals within the City. A count from 2020 identified 170 unhoused individuals in the City of Montebello. City Council will vote on the project on October 13, 2021. If approved, SGVRHT will purchase the shelters, restrooms, and other site structures while Public Works will prepare the site. 

Overview of Proposed Site

The proposed site for Operation Stay Safe is 2000 Flotilla Street, Montebello. The site is projected to host 25 tiny home units. Participants will be primarily selected through local street outreach and will be assigned a unit for the duration of their stay. This approach avoids the daily lines associated with traditional emergency shelters. The site will be operated by a supportive services provider who will provide case management. Case management includes connecting clients to healthcare, job training, and a permanent housing solution. The target length of stay is 90 days and it is anticipated that the site will serve up to 100 individuals in a year.

Each unit provides a bed, shelves, overhead light, A/C heat, an outlet, and a door that locks. The site will also provide a shared restroom, shower, and laundry facilities, as well as a communal meal space offering participants, increased access to hygiene and a sense of community.

The site will have security 24 hours a day, privacy fencing, and a secured entry for the benefit of participants and neighbors. No illegal items, illicit substances, or visitors will be allowed on-site. Participants will also have the option to move in with their pets.


Site Amenities 

  • restroom/shower facilities
  • laundry trailer
  • office/case management space
  • outdoor dining area
  • landscaping and inviting colors

Support Services

  • The site will be operated by a supportive services provider and will provide case management and connect clients to healthcare, job training, and additional services.
  • The site will have 24/7 security. No illegal items, illicit substances, or visitors will be allowed on-site.
  • Staff will work with participants to store large items off-site and keep each tiny home clutter-free.
  • Participants can move in with their pets, removing a barrier to entry.
  • Participants will receive 3 meals per day. Meals will be prepared off-site and delivered ready to eat.


Downloadable Flyers

Op Stay Safe Flyer english and spanish.pdf

Montebello Site Plan in Color.pdf

Montebello Site Plan with Images.pdf

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