• Protection Measure Title

    The City Council passed a Resolution on May 10, 2017 that will allow the citizens of Montebello the opportunity to vote in the upcoming November 2017 elections on a Local Transaction and Use Tax Measure, (commonly known as the sales tax) to preserve public safety and essential city services.

    The increase of 1% (one percent) sales tax, if approved by voters, will provide annually, approximately $9 million dollars in new revenues, which could:

        • Provide safe roads by funding repair of pot holes and sidewalks, improve main thoroughfare and residential streets, repair and maintain the city's aging sewer system and other infrastructure repairs
        • Preserve and sustain Montebello's city run Police and Fire Department, to ensure quick emergency response times
        • Hire more police officers and firefighters to increase public safety services, saving lives and keeping the community safe
        • Ensure fire engines and emergency vehicles are equipped with updated equipment
        • Ensure adequate funding for parks, to maintain and improve playgrounds and ball fields
        • Enhance the quality of life by funding youth and senior recreational activities, such as swim lessons, youth sport programs and senior clubs


    The Measure will include an independent citizens' oversight committee to provide recommendations and monitor the expenditure of new revenues. The measure requires annual financial audits and expenditure reports to be prepared and published for public review.


    For more information about the voting on the Measure:

    Election Day: November 7, 2017
    If you vote by mail, look for your mail ballot: Week of October 9, 2017
    Last day to register to Vote in this election: October 23, 2017
    Last day to request a mail ballot: October 29, 2017
    Find your polling place: Visit www.lavote.net
    Not registered to Vote? Sign up at www.registertovote.ca.gov

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