Emergency Medical Services

The fundamental goal of the Emergency Medical Services section is to deliver the highest quality life saving care, with compassion, and dignity to every person in our community. The department accomplishes its goal with on going training and highly motivated Firefighters that are certified, and licensed as Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics.

EMS DivisionThe department is continually working to improve our level of service to the community. The most recent advancement to our service level is the inclusion of 12 lead ECG capabilities. With this advancement Paramedics can detect a probable Heart attack in the field, and deliver life saving care, and improve the recovery of the heart attack victim.

The E.M.S. section of the Fire Department is maintained by its members, and supported with a staff of three fire personnel, and one contract Nurse Educator. The objective of the staff is to coordinate all aspects of compliance with state and local authorities, train and educate all fire personnel to current standards to maintain licensing requirements.

The demands placed on the departments Emergency Medical Services continue to rise with the ongoing changes to the health care system. The staff of the E.M.S. section continually reviews the needs of our community, and will be well placed to serve the community in the future.

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