Fire Department Operations Division

"Courage, Community, Commitment"

Fire DepartmentThe Montebello Fire Department is an "all risk" department, which takes on the enormous responsibility of protecting the community from Fire, Floods, Earthquakes, Terrorist Attacks, Hazardous Material Incidents and Medical Emergencies.

The Montebello Fire Department's Operation's Division is commanded by the On-Duty Battalion Chief, who is responsible for and oversees the daily emergency operations and responses within the City of Montebello.

The Fire Department responds on more than 5000 calls a year, from 3 strategically located fire stations:

Station 55 - Headquarters
600 N. Montebello Blvd.

Station 55 houses five pieces of equipment, including:

Paramedic Engine Company
Truck Company
Air/Light Unit
U.S.A.R. Unit
Battalion Chief
Station 56
1166 S. Greenwood Avenue

Paramedic Engine Company
Truck Company
Station 57
2950 Via Acosta

Paramedic Engine Company
The Montebello Fire Department takes great pride in its operational readiness, through training, education and real life experiences. The Fire Department is proud and honored to serve this fine community.

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