Fire Department Administration

Since 1922 the Montebello Fire Department has been protecting the life and property of the citizens of Montebello. While the demands placed on the fire department have grown significantly since the department's inception, the core values of courage, commitment, and community remain as true today as the day the department was formed.

The department's organization consists of the Administration, Operations, Fire Prevention, Communications, and Emergency Preparedness divisions. These five divisions coordinate all department activities, report to, and receive direction from the Fire Chief. The department consists of sixty-seven sworn personnel including the Fire Chief, Administrative Battalion Chief, three Suppression Battalion Chiefs, one Fire Marshal, fifteen Fire Captains, fifteen Fire Engineers, Twenty-two Firefighter Paramedics, and nine Firefighters. The balance of the departments seventy five personnel include one Fire Inspector, one Emergency Services Coordinator, one Telecommunications Supervisor, one Telecommunications Technician, and four support personnel.

Fire DepartmentThe department operates from three strategically located fire stations to rapidly respond to the calls for assistance from the community. Over the years the department has evolved into an all risk agency to protect the community from all types of peril. The citizens of Montebello can rest assured that the member's of the Montebello Fire Department will diligently pursue excellence in the delivery of service to the community and be prepared to meet the challenges in the future.

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