Telecommunications Division

For Information: 323-887-4635


LOCATION: City Shops (Fire Department System Hub)
PERSONNEL: Three Positions
INVENTORY: $10,000,000.00
RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintenance and repair of electronic , microwave networks
OPERATIONS: 7 day/ 24 hour service and motorola dispatch
Maintain FCC license
Coordinates radio frequency and systems with surrounding agencies


Eight Channel, Four Sites Simulcast Trunk Radio System
Member of a 14 City ICIS Smartzone System
Eleven path microwave system
Maintains Two Dispatch Center Consoles.
Maintains six radio sites, three control sites located in four geographical locations.
Maintains radio network controllers, message switches and six data station network.
Maintains fire mobile data, radio and siren/lightbar systems.
Maintains PA and Paging Systems for all city departments
Maintains Transportation Department radio infrastructure.

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