Communications Bureau



The Communications Bureau is managed by Supervisor Diane Marquez, and is currently staffed with four Dispatchers, five Lead Dispatchers and two part-time Dispatchers. The primary function of the unit is to serve as a constant information liaison to the officers in the field. The Communications Bureau is equipped to handle 9-1-1, wireless cell phone and 7 digit emergency telephone calls. The center also utilizes a mapping system to track in coming telephone calls. All of these features assist the dispatchers in providing more efficient service to the community.

Calls for service as well as requests for information from the public are received and prioritized by the dispatcher. A determination is then made to dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel. Around the clock radio contact is maintained with the field officers and all activity is recorded with the help of a Computer Aided Dispatch System. Communications personnel also coordinate the flow of information between local, state and national databases and the police officers in the field.

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