Business License Application Process


Step 1: After checking with the Planning Division to determine if the desired business site
is located in the appropriate zoning district, please submit the complete
Business Tax Application / Occupancy Permit Application to the Planning Division
along with all required attachments (i.e. Fictitious Business Name Statement,
Articles of Incorporation, Health Permit, Sellers Permit, State Certificates,
Home Occupation Permit, etc.).

Step 2: After the Planning Division has approved the zoning district for your
desired business, you will need to pay your business license tax fees in
the Finance Department.

Step 3: Once fees are paid, you must make an Appointment with the following
departments for final inspection:

Building Division (323) 887-1497
Fire Department (323) 887-4507

Step 4: When all inspections are complete, you will receive your Business License
Certificate and Occupancy Permit in the mail. You are now ready to do
business in the City of Montebello.

The Overall Process Will Take Approximately Thirty (30) Days
Please call us if you have any questions: 323-887-1448

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